Behind the Crochet Design: Star Crossed Double Wrap

by Heather Mann

It might seem like our crochet patterns just appear out of nowhere, but the truth is, it takes about nine months to put together each collection, and each pattern goes on its own journey from concept to completion. This means that way back in November 2022 we got started on the July 2023 collection. Let’s talk about how we get our crochet designs, and follow the creation process for Star Crossed Double Wrap.

The Pitch: Star Crossed Double Wrap

For this design, Ila Quinn Trakel sent us the two left photos in this collage, plus this description of her design:

Stitched in Lion Brand TruBoo in white or striped with slate: A double sided wrap that is seamed up the back and drapes over the shoulder creating an open long shawl that won’t slip off your shoulders when secured with a sweet bow at the front! Two identical sides are stitched and then seamed together with a fringe added to both the front and back. The texture of the shawl is a combination of hdc and crossed stitches that create sweet little Xs in the fabric! The shawl would measure around 80″ long and 10″ wide for draping elegance with every wear when styled as a swim suit coverup, or over a summer dress!

The pretty stitch swatch plus the sketch really helped sell Quinn’s design to us. Because she included both of those and a thorough description, we felt like we got a really good idea of what she had in mind for this design. She included details about how she was going to execute the design, along with estimated measurements. All of these things help us visualize the yet-unwritten pattern before we commission it.

The Pattern & the Sample: 

We decided to go for it, and sent Quinn an offer for her proposed pattern. We arranged yarn support and had the yarn sent to her. She then had several months to write the pattern and crochet the garment sample. “Samples” are what we call the final product that we end up photographing for the magazine.

While she worked on the pattern sample, Quinn took periodic photos and sent them to us so we could keep tabs on progress and make sure we were on track to finish the pattern and sample in time for our photo shoot and publication date.

Star Crossed Double Wrap

When she finished the pattern, she sent it in to us, which we turned over to our technical editor (aka tech editor). The tech editor looks at each pattern and reads through it to make sure the pattern makes sense, all the stitch counts and math work out correctly, and that it’s formatted in a way that makes it easy to follow.

The Photo Shoot: 

Once the sample was completed, Quinn sent us the garment, and we held onto it until our photo shoot in May. That’s right, we take these photos well in advance of our publication date. Why? Because we have to lay out the magazine and individual patterns and we need the photos to do it!

Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot

For the photo shoot, we hire models and spend some time taking great photos of the garment being worn and used, as well as close-up shots to showcase design details.

After we have the photos, we design the magazine and the individual pattern. We also use the photos for content like blog posts (like the one you’re reading!) as well as sharing about the pattern and the issue on social media. 

The Final Product: 

Star Crossed Double Wrap collage

Finally, we get to share the pattern with you!

Star Crossed Double Wrap

We publish the pattern in Crochet Foundry magazine, and also sell it individually on our website. 

So, as you can see, a LOT goes into taking a crochet pattern from concept to completion. We appreciate everyone who is involved in every step of the process, from the designer to the photographers, to the tech editor to the final crocheter who purchases the pattern.

Are you a crochet designer (or would you like to be)? Crochet Foundry works with independent crochet designers to produce the gorgeous designs featured in our magazine. To find out more, visit our Submit a Design page and be sure to sign up for our Designer Email list to be notified of design opportunities.

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