Check out the yarn from Issue #2 – Fall 2020

by Jessi Myers

We have been so fortunate to be able to work with such incredible yarns on both the Summer and Fall issues of Crochet Foundry magazine. Our goal of creating the most inspiring and wearable garments means that we are extremely aware of the fibers we wear against our skin. We have carefully selected the most delectable mohair, wool, and acrylic yarns that WeCrochet has to offer!

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Crochet Foundry is so happy about the continued partnership with our friends over at WeCrochet. For the Fall 2020 issue we decided to focus on yarn in the neutrals, and grey family of colors when creating our designs. Each issue of our magazine will have it’s own theme and color palette. Our hope is that this will not only create a very cohesive and beautiful magazine for you to read, but may also inspire you to try yarns and colors you may not have considered.

Keep reading for each designer’s choice, along with a little snippet about why they chose that yarn for their design!

Amber- Swish Worsted

London Fog Poncho

While this yarn is named Swish, I’ve found myself calling this yarn “squish” because it’s so darn squishy. The texture is soft but feels quite durable, like a really good worsted weight yarn to have in your stash. I just loved working on it, I cannot wait to make more designs using it.

Briana – Wonderfluff

Macchiato Sweater

I wondered if Wonderfluff yarn would be as soft as it looks in pictures, and it is. Just try to resist rubbing this against your cheek from the moment you pick it up. This yarn is 70% baby alpaca, 7% merino wool, and 23% nylon, a perfect combination for a luxurious yarn. Wonderfluff is created by blowing the fleecy fibers into a lightweight tube of nylon mesh. I was worried this yarn would shed, but it does not, all the fluff stays within the nylon mesh yet adds a nice halo of fuzz.

Emily – Alpaca Cloud DK

Cafe Breve Cardigan

Alpaca Cloud DK is a light and airy yarn that feels so luxurious next to your skin. The baby alpaca is surprisingly warm, making it the perfect choice for a Fall cardigan.

Katy – City Tweed DK

Mocha Pullover

I absolutely fell in love with the texture of City Tweed while making the Mocha Pullover. This yarn is so soft and has just enough alpaca to be warm, but not too warm. City Tweed comes in an array of earthy colors which I think is perfect for any wardrobe. I also love the high quantity of neps in this yarn. I think it gives finished projects a richness without breaking the bank.

Lorene – Brava Bulky

Cafe Au Lait Cozy Cowl Neck Pullover

I used Brava Bulky for the Cafe Au Lait Sweater. I absolutely love the loftiness of this yarn. Brava Bulky has substance without being too heavy. I absolutely love the versatility and color offerings of this yarn. It works amazingly well for cowls and scarves but also creates beautiful garments that aren’t too chunky. Brava Bulky is also very durable which is perfect for garments that will require washing. This yarn is also quite affordable which is always a plus when making garments.

Michelle- Brava Sport

Double Espresso Duster

I chose Brava Sport for a few reasons; price, warmth, and weight. I knew that the duster would require a significant amount of yarn due to its length and oversized fit. Brava is a very affordable choice at $2.49/ball. Not only is Brava affordable but it’s also soft and durable. I can see myself throwing on this cardigan almost every day to stay warm and cozy. Brava will keep you warm, but also survive wash after wash. I chose Sport weight so that the sweater would not end up too heavy. I found the yarn to be comparable to a DK weight so it’s not too thin. You will get that cozy warm feel, but not be weighed down.

Pam – Aloft Super Kid Mohair and Palette

Vienna Convertible Shrug

I will admit, I have never used mohair before, but I also knew that if there were ever a time to try it out, this would be it! Palette yarn is 100% Peruvian Highland fingering weight wool that is available in 150 shades. Aloft is a lace weight 72/28 mohair/silk blend that adds a stunning halo to any yarn you pair it with. Together these yarns add so much drape and texture to this cozy layering piece!

You can now purchase the Fall 2020 issue!

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