Crochet Activity Book – A Book Review

by Crystal Bucholz

Love crochet but looking for something fun to pass the time? The Crochet Activity Book can help with that! 

We know you love crochet, but if you also love puzzles, you’re in luck! With a wide variety in the Crochet Activity Book by Debbie Deitke, pass the time while still keeping crochet in mind.  

What’s in the Book

Over 100 puzzles make this activity book hours of fun! Some of the puzzles included are word searches, cryptograms, and visual puzzles. (Psst… this is also a great gift for your favorite crochet friend!) You can buy the Crochet Activity Book on Amazon but be sure to enter to win a free copy below.

Is it for you?

This large print book is fun and easy to pass the time when you’re not crocheting! Need to check your answers? The answer key is in the back so there’s no question if you successfully completed each puzzle.

Want a copy of the Crochet Activity Book?

We’re giving away a copy of the Crochet Activity Book! Winner will be chosen December 2, 2022. Enter to win below:

About the Author

Debbie is a craft enthusiast who recognizes that even the most passionate crafters need a break from their projects. In 2021, she combined her hobby and love of puzzles by self-publishing Crochet and Knitting Activity Puzzle Books on Amazon, which are both entertaining and educational. In 2022, Debbie focuses on a printable business on Etsy for the fiber artists. In addition to crafting, Debbie had a 30-year career in procurement before she pivoted to become
an IRS Enrolled Agent. Today she enjoys working with Non-Profit Tax Clinics during the tax season, gardening, and traveling with her family.

Find more at Debbie’s Etsy Store.

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