Kat Witherall’s Vine Jewelry Set: Crochet Designer Interview

Intro – Today we’re talking to crochet designer Kat Witherall, who contributed the Vine Jewelry Set crochet pattern featured in our March 2024 issue.

Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired your design for this month?

I am a plant lover with no green fingers, so instead of growing plants I crochet them, they need no watering/feeding nor sunshine, they are always pretty. This accessory design developed from one of my hanging plant designs because I wanted to show off the beauty of it without walking around holding a crocheted plant in my hand! 

What were some challenges about designing this piece?

I do not enjoy sewing, so I challenged myself to create a piece of jewelry with no sewing parts. 

What’s your favorite aspect of this piece?

Definitely the flowers! They have a special design trick which means they can be attached to the jewelry piece without sewing, they are attached by crochet method.

What is your crochet origin story? How did you learn to crochet?

I don’t remember the time when I could not crochet. I was taught by my grandma when I was very little. She would make intricate lace tablecloths whilst I was working on granny squares and filet crochet pieces. Even at a very young age I enjoyed designing, which was then called making things up my own way and not following the instructions! Luckily my grandma supported my creative mind. I tried lots of other crafts in my lifetime but returned to crochet in 2019 and started designing and selling patterns in 2020

What was your first crochet project? Where is it now?

I don’t know what happened to my very first crochet project, but when I restarted crocheting in 2019, the first thing I made was a snowflake and it still hangs on our Christmas tree every year.

Do you crochet more for yourself or for others?

Both but mainly for others because I love giving a gift to brighten people’s day. Also, there are only so many crochet items you can fit into a one small house, I would soon run out of space.

Where do you hope to go with your crochet?

I would love crochet to be my main income one day. My dream is to open my own small scale crochet school/yarn shop.

How can our readers find you on social media?

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook as Luna Crochet Designs and Luna the Ladybird Crochet Designs on YouTube @lunacrochetdesigns 

Don’t forget to pick up the March 2024 issue of Crochet Foundry to get the Vine Jewelry Set pattern.

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