The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady – A Book Review

by Crystal Bucholz

There are some things that are just meant to be. That was the case in the novel The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady, written by Sharon J. Mondragon. With several messages coming across in her story, Sharon’s take on friendship brings real life into her pages.

The Story

Four friends take a journey together in The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady. After being temporarily evicted from their church to make prayer shawls, they find themselves out of their comfort zone and meeting extraordinary people. While each of the women have their own side stories, they all learn and grow along the way.

Sharing in the love of their craft, three of the four friends reach out to outsiders with joy, while another is not so accepting. Margaret’s passage through rough times is more difficult, even if it’s of her own making. But in the end… well you’ll just have to read The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady to find out!

My Take

If you’re looking for a story of fiber arts and friendship, look no further. Margaret, Rose, Jane, and Fran will take you on a story that’s heartfelt and genuine. It might even inspire you to give the gift of crochet (or knitting)!

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Author Bio

Sharon J. Mondragon is not just a nice lady who knits. She’s an award-winning author who takes you to the place where courage and kindness meet.

     Like some of the characters in her debut novel, The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady, she was once content to live well within her comfort zone. At the age of nineteen, however, she realized she would not have much to show for such a life. She accepted the challenge and recklessly prayed for adventure.

     The ensuing years as an Army spouse and the mother of five wildly individual children were filled with both thrilling and devastating moments, undergirded by the hand of the  faithful God who inspired the prayer.

     The Army years are over, but the adventure continues in Midlothian, Texas where Sharon lives with her hero/husband, her laptop, and her yarn stash.

Interested in learning more about The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady and its author? You can find an interview with Sharon J. Mondragon in the September 2022 issue of Crochet Foundry Magazine.

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